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One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

I was nominated by the amazingly talented Vagabond John for this award – I don’t even know what he sees in my little corner of the Blog-verse but thank you! ❤ I’m touched – hope I can do you proud. My week so far has been a rough one and this made my day a bit better.

Now, there are some rules that are to be followed when one gets nominated for this award. Here they are: * Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post * Share 7 things about yourself * Nominate 10 or so bloggers you admire * Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know*

About me:

1) My close friends are my life and I would do anything for them. Anything.

2) I’m incredibly shy and awkward in person.  It’s very hard for me to put myself  out there in any context.

3) I want to go back to College and major in Medieval Literature, specifically Shakespeare.

4) I’m 99.9% positive my dog thinks I am her birth mother.

5) Nothing can calm me like bodies of water.  I want to live on the Ocean some day.

6) I used to dance.  I miss it constantly.

7) I’m a very sensitive person.  I can sense things in others and I can take things personally.  It’s a problem sometimes.

My nominations:

I don’t know enough people here to even attempt to nominate 10 people! I hope to change that and get more involved in this site – next time learning how to do a slideshow! Here are the incredibly authors I’ve found in my short time here:

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