“Good Morning Starshine – the Earth says Hello!”

august 4th 103My name’s Bess, but just about everybody I know personally other than my mother knows me by Nem or Nemmie. “Why Nemmie?” you might ask. I’ll get to that shortly. Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s cover some basics. I was born in Syracuse, NY on May 18, 1986. I went to a public school until high school when I was enrolled at Manlius Pebble Hill school – this changed my entire view of education. I’m 5’2″ and I’m proud of it! I’m not a skinny minnie – but I’m working on changing my life for the healthier. I play the drums and I’m attempting to teach myself piano. I inhale books – I love to read. Favorite authors include but are by no means limited to: Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, Jan Siegel, Sarah Addison Allen, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare and Chaucer. I live to hear music. I can listen to just about anything with the exception of heavy rap and country. I love trance, heavy metal, punk, and new age. As far as artists go there are way too many to name and I tend to like specific songs as opposed to an entire album. I’m a bit of a scatter brain.  I love to cook and bake – it’s a secret passion that I’ve had for years – I’m hoping to use this blog as a bit of an outlet for that.

The guild finally all met up in Boston, MA in January 2012

I’m a gamer. I don’t discriminate platforms although I do tend to play PC much more than my xbox360 or ps3. I love games like Portal 2 and Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy. I crave MMOs however. World of Warcraft used to be my version of crack. This brings us to the Nemmie question. When I first began playing WoW – my first toon was named Nemmie, and ever since it’s been my online handle – for a very short time I was Iratze ( a name based on a healing rune found in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare), Cori or Coribell, and lastly Eve. However, the one name that has stuck is Nemmie. I made a lot of friends in WoW – and I know online friends are online friends, but these guys (yes b.o.y.s) are like my family. We’ve gone from game to game and nosed into each others lives for the better part of the past 5 years. If you ever would like to game with me – please add me! I love meeting new people!


Here’s my gaming info:

Xbox gamertag: iBessu
PS3: iratze
Steam Handle: iBessu
Battle.net: iratzeheals@gmail.com

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