January 4, 2012

I remember leaving home to move to California, when I saw my father for the last time before my flight, he gave me this long bear hug. It was one of those hugs that had every pep-talk he’d ever given me, every comforting moment after something didn’t go my way, every possible dad moment all combined into one hug, just in case that was the last hug he’d ever give me. All of this was unspoken mind you, but it was one of those things you could just feel. Now that I’ve moved back home, but he’s moved away, whenever we part, we give each other one of those hugs. Just in case. You never realize how much distance can affect you and your relationships. In a lot of ways it brings you closer – makes you appreciate what time you have with somebody that much more. Sometimes it feels like you’ve drifted apart when really you just weren’t giving each other time to grow and become the person you’re meant to be.

Some of my most memorable moments in life have happened when I’ve taken a leap of faith and done something I never thought would work out. A magical night of carefree happiness in a Gone Surfing parking lot. Hot Cocoa and fresh doughnuts on Pier 39. Several tearful goodbyes at the Syracuse Transportation train platform that involved wishes on fluffs and pinky swears. A kiss under Niagara Falls, dancing the night away in a Danish disco, a night of cobblestone streets and roller skating in Montreal, and taking pictures of the Chicago skyline and exploring the magical qualities of Navy Pier at Night.

Now, I’m headed to Boston, MA, and I have no idea what the next couple days have in store, but I can already tell this is one of those trips that’s going to be filled with those types of moments and I can’t wait to see what comes next.