Well, hello there!

Lots of changes since I last wrote – I’m not even sure where to start so I’m just going to jump in!

On Christmas Eve 2015 – J proposed to me by hiding a tiny engagement ring set box in our Christmas tree. We originally were aiming to get married in September 2016 – however, as it does – life got in the way. We instead set a date for September 16, 2017 and began making the wedding planning process.

What a process. Because going to school, planning a wedding and working full time wasn’t enough – in August 2016 we put an offer on our first house! After what I can only describe as the most complicated and stressful experience of my life (including any event related to the wedding) we closed on our home in January 2017. There’s been a fair share of complications with the house over the past year but we love it there.

On September 16, 2017 we came Mr. & Mrs. Glazer – while I haven’t officially changed my name anywhere – life has been too busy – I will be. That being said it’s been a struggle to decide to keep Lyon in some way – would I like to by Lyon Glazer? That being said, I’ve always disliked the idea of using a hyphen in my name – though I understand the concept and respect and even like other names hyphenated – I just don’t like it with mine.

On a side note, this new last name has altered the symmetry of my name and I haven’t quite come to terms with it yet. For all 31 years of my life so far – my first and last name have had 4 letters. Short – Crisp and sweet. Now I’ve got 2 extra letters at the end and it throws me off a bit.

We went to Iceland on our Honeymoon. I’d visited the country the previous year with my mom and knew it would be the perfect place to bring Jarred. Brisk weather, waterfalls and ocean winds no matter where you go, and amazing food. Not to mention the amazing history packed into a small but incredibly welcoming country.

I’m no longer working at the Sheriff’s Office. I miss it – fond memories of my first non-retail/food service job! I miss the office itself – and how mismatched all the rooms were – even the cash register that was older than dirt. I miss the coworkers – the parties – even the public. But life moves forward and we all march on behind it. I work in the finance department of the city School District now. It’s a quiet office – which took some getting used to, but I like it here too. It’s nice to see everything from the other point of few – at the Sheriff’s Office I think technically I worked more along the Accounts Receivables line of work, while at the School District I work in Payables so it’s nice to have a grasp on both ends of a system.

I’ve taken a break from school for a while and it’s about time I get back into it – given my current line of work I’ve been strongly thinking of changing my major to have something to do with accounting or finance rather than English. that being said – I love my English major and don’t really want to let it go.

Lots of other developments in life as well – but I’ll save those for another post!



P.S. Wedding Photos taken by Amanda Petrie – amazing photographer!

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It’s been such a long time since I have been anything that could be described as active on this blog.

I debated not renewing my subscription because honestly, I’ve been in a funk. A big funk.

So here’s the deal:

I’m no longer an overnight cashier – I have had a complete job overhaul. I am now working 9-5 Monday through Friday at the local Sheriff’s office. It’s been such a huge change that I got completely knocked off my healthy track, and my fit routine. The lack of moving throughout the day also had aided in a bit of weight gain that’s been depressing to say the least.

Back in the saddle though! I’m determined to re-lose the weight and continue on the right track. I just need to workout how to go about it and make adjustments to my eating habits. Avoiding the cookies and breakfast pizza at work wouldn’t hurt either. Cookies, how I love thee.

I’ve started up classes at college again. Well, not at college. I’m enrolled full time at Southern New Hampshire University and about to start my third term. Majoring in Creative Writing and Literature. So far more writing than literature. I can’t wait for literature. Life gets a bit crazy working and studying full time but Southern New Hampshire University has a pretty amazing advising staff and makes classes really manageable. Not paid advertising I swear, just an impressive school and staff.

In February I moved into my own apartment with J. It’s been an adjustment – but one I really do love. There’s something comforting about living with your best friend and knowing there is always somebody who will go down the street and get you a pint of ice cream, watch the bachelor when you don’t feel good, and get you a glass of water every night before bed. He spoils me too much.

I’ll try to be a little more active now that I’ve broken through the major writers block and guilty feeling of being neglectful of this little blog.

I’ve been cooking more! Which is also probably a reason for weight gain. I’ve been reading more, though I seem to go through periods of binge reading. I’ll read a good five books in two weeks or less and then take a break from reading and get obsessed with something else like say….the nine seasons of Criminal Minds that were added to Netflix a month and a half ago. Clearly I haven’t been writing more, though I’ve gotten back into World of Warcrack…opps! World of Warcraft.

So far this fall, I have gone apple picking no less than…four…maybe five times and have plans to go at least twice more. I’m hoping to go to a pumpkin patch next weekend.

One thing I do really miss is all the walks I’d been able to take Sydney on out in the country. My new apartment in the village and I don’t see as many pretty views that don’t involve looking like a creeper and taking a picture of somebody’s house on my phone. Next weekend I’m participating in my first Virtual 5k the Pink Pumpkin Run for BOObies (I admit, I find too much humor in that particular joke).

For now though, I’ll get back to work and hopefully, be back soon!



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Last days of summer

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of summer! The past month and a half flew by! I’ve been so busy and now I’m horribly sick. Let’s see if I can sum up what I’ve been up to with some pictures:


Went to a wedding with my lovie, in New Hampshire.


Then worked about a week and a half without stopping.




And last weekend went to an Aaron Carter concert.

I’ve also been taking an English class to try and slowly complete my degree.

And tomorrow my favorite season begins! Back to the gym as well!